Friday, September 4, 2009

The sweater is very easy to knit. Although I used the needle size 8 to knit this sweater, but it took me a few month to finish it. I used the wool that I bought in Arnhem.. But then I ran out of the wool, I ordered them in the man who sells wool in the market. For the neck I used the circular needle. You can find the pattern in ravelry. I will often wear it during the winter..
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Baby yoda

I knitted it for my friend's new-born baby. The wool is pure and fun to knit..It was my first sweater's project.. For sewing the part of the sleeves, the shoulders etc I found the easy way in my book, Basis boek Breien by Betty Barnden...
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It is my first entrelac project. It seemed to be difficult to knit, but finally I find it fun to do.. Only I don't like the color of the wol. So I will not wear it. You can find the pattern in Ravelry.
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One Row Handspun Scarf

Because I need a new scarf so I knitted it last winter.. It is very thick, and warm to wear during the cold days.. I got the wol from my friend..
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Child's Ear Hat

Actually I knitted this hat last January. But I just put it on this site today. Made for Nurma's son, Davin. He had his second birthday on that month.. It was last minute presents..
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Kaos kaki pertama
Ini kaos kaki rajutan pertamaku. Benangnya beli di pasar. Pakai jarum kayu berjumlah 5 nomer 3. Bagian leg masih mudah, kalau sampai heel tambah sulit. Untung teman dari stich n bitch sabar sekali mengajari aku.

This is my first socks. Bought the socksgarn in the market. I use 5 wooden needles no 3. The leg is easy, but up to heel it is difficult. Luckily my friend in stich n bitch helps me.
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Ini sedang nyoba buat vest, namanya Boogie vest. Tadinya aku buat vest ini pakai benang acrilic murahan dari Wibra, warna hitam. Tapi ternyata resikonya setelah dicuci beberapa kali pasti rusak, makanya Franna, dari stich n bitch ngasih aku benang hasil ia memintal sendiri dari benang wol domba. Jadinya ternyata bagus sekali.
Trying to knit a vest, Boogie Vest by Amy King. First I knitted this vest with a cheap acrylic garn of Wibra. But after a few wash I am not able to wear it anymore. Franna from stich n bitch gave me her yarns, she spinned them by herself. And the result is very beautiful
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